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          About us
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              Hebei Logistics Group Metal Materials Co., Ltd. grew out of Hebei Metal Materials Corporation. Hebei Logistics Group Metal Materials Corporation was established in 1962. The corporation was reformed and changed name in 1998. It is a province-affiliated large-scale circulation enterprise and its total assets amounts to USD 80 million. The corporation is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. It is the leading enterprise in the metal materials circulation in Hebei province.


              The corporation deals with the retail, wholesale of steel products, nonferrous metal, mineral products, etc. It is the State-Class sale agent of the four big Chinese steel works: Capital Steel Works, Anshan Steel Works, Handan Steel Works and Tangshan Steel Works. Also closely joint cooperation relationship is founded between the corporation and Wuhan Steel Works, Baotou Steel Works, Chengde Steel Works and Shijiazhuang Steel Works. Its sale network is covering the Hebei province and extending to the whole country.


              In the past three years, the annual sold quantity of the metal materials was over one million tons. The total volume of business is nearly USD300 million, which is in the third position in national field of the metal materials circulation. It has been awarded many titles such as "the Advanced Enterprise of Hebei Province", "the Advanced Enterprise in the Cultural and Ideological Progress of Hebei Province', "the Chain Managing Examplary Enterprise", "the Advanced Unit of the National Domestic Trade System" by the Provincial Government and the State Government.


              In national metal wire mesh industrial base Anping and Jinzhou county, the corporation is the biggest raw materials supplier for the metal wire meshes manufacturers. Our corporation has developed sale agency relationships with most the mesh manufacturers and has jointed stock with several outstanding manufacturers. In whole process from raw materials to products we strictly control the quality of metal meshes, had a rather high opinion by customers home and abroad.


              The corporation has broad international business scope with flexible trading methods and complete commodity types. It not only deals in and acts as an agent for import and export but also handles technology transfer, processing trade and other trade in flexible ways. Major export commodities include: steel products, nonferrous metal, steel wire, steel wire mesh, bolts, nuts, steel rope, metal castings, chemical products, textiles and garments, etc. Export goods sell to over 20 countries and regions all over the world. The main import commodities include: steel products, nonferrous metal, timber, chemical products and mineral products, etc.


              China has acceded to the WTO. The opportunity is simultaneous with the challenge. Facing the new situation, the corporation conforms the business strategy of "broadening international trade scale and raising economic benefits" and upholds spirit of "solidarity, striving, pioneering and practicality" With the advantages of competitiveness, scientific management, pervasive support and sincere cooperation from various social spheres, the export and import business of the corporation has gained a rapid development. On the front of foreign trade, the corporation abides to the principle of "customers first, creditability first and mutual benefits ". We cordially welcome the friends from various circles home or abroad to hold trade talks and cooperate with us.

          ? 河北物流集团金属材料有限公司| Hebei Logistics Metal Materials Co.,Ltd. 冀ICP备05000634号

          地址:河北省石家庄市中华北大街3号C座 电话:0311-87032298

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